Finding and Using your Dropbox Address

If you or the company you work for are not comfortable integrating your email, we do have an alternative. The dropbox email address. Simply BCC your karmaCRM dropbox email address whenever you email a contact, and a record of the email will appear in that contact’s karmaCRM profile. If the contact you are emailing does not yet have a karmaCRM profile, the system will automatically create a contact and store the email for you. You can update the contacts page with more information later, if necessary.

Finding your dropbox address click your organization name in the upper right corner, and select My Email Dropbox Info.  Here, you’ll see a large address which should look something like “[email protected]

You shouldn’t have to type this address frequently. Instead, your email program should store it and auto-complete it for you. If not, you can add it as a contact in your email client for quick access.

BCC'ing your dropbox address Simply BCC this address in your regular email program to create a record of the communication in the appropriate contact’s karmaCRM profile for later reference.

Forwarding to your dropbox address You can also forward emails to your dropbox address. Include the contact's email address as the first line of your forwarded email to associate it with the appropriate record.

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