Importing Contacts from .CSV

KarmaCRM allows you to easily import your contacts from the widespread industry standard format .CSV. From the “Contacts” tab, select “Import contacts” from the sidebar on the right side.

Next, select .CSV and find the file that you would like to upload from your computer.

Once the data has been uploaded, karmaCRM will allow you to match each column of data in the .CSV with the columns in your karma lists.This step is much easier than it sounds. You'll see a preview of your CSV and some red drop down menus.You'll want to select a field for each column that you are using. If you come across one that you are not using you can select the "Ignore This Field" option found in the drop down menu. As you fill in these fields, they will turn green.

Don't worry if some columns don't exist in the standard fields provided in the drop down. Karma allows you to create custom fields during the import process.

Once you have matched the imported columns to the existing options in the drop down menu, select the “Import” button located in the bottom right of the screen. Your contacts will be imported in the background, and you’ll receive an email from karmaCRM once the import is complete.

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