Automation of task templates for deals or gigs as you change stages

We want to introduce the newest feature added to karmaSpeaker and karmaCRM. This feature will allow you to automate the ability to apply a task template, which is a preconfigured list of tasks, anytime you change a deal or a gig stage.  This feature is only available on our newest plans if you aren’t sure if the plan applies to you, please ask the support team and we can double-check it for you.

To set this up, you do need to be an admin or owner on the account, although any user is able to use it. 

To start, we need to go into the settings, so click your name in the header bar and click Settings, and on the right select tasks. 

On the next page, select Task Templates. 

Now we need to select the deal tab. Task templates are section specific, so make sure you select deals, or else you will not have the option to make it automated. 

If you do not already have a category, click Add a category, give it a name save and refresh the page. 

Now we will click Add a New Template. 

Give the template a name. Since it will apply to a specific stage, I recommend giving it a name for something that relates to that stage. Select Yes to assign it to a stage, and then select the stage you would like, in my case Research. And then click Save. 

Now we are going to click manage tasks to create the individual tasks. Click Add a Task, give it a name, a category if you would like, and then assigned to. The default is the current user, which means the person that applies the template, or you can specify a specific person. Give it a due date from when you change the stage. Click Create.

Rinse and Repeat for the remaining tasks.  

To use this, we need to go over to the deals or gigs section.  Select your gig, change the stage, and scroll down the page, we can see the task template has applied all of the tasks needed. 

Thank you to all of our users that have requested this feature. If you have other features you would like added to karma, please email the support team at [email protected]. Talk to you soon! 

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