Virtual Assistant Services for Your Karma Account

If you’re like me and, on many occasions, feel like there simply aren’t enough hours in the day for the projects that need to be completed, you could benefit greatly from one simple thing: a virtual assistant. Contracted monthly or on a per-project basis, VAs are essential for rapid and efficient growth, especially if you’re running a business on your own and don’t have time for administrative work or time to learn every facet of a thriving business. 

In conjunction with Virtually Empowered, and their team of talented virtual experts, we are proud to offer virtual services to you, to help take some of your work off your plate. Whether it’s administrative work in your CRM or extensive service for your business, we have you covered. 

In the words of Amanda Scocozzo, CEO and founder of Virtually Empowered: 

"These are a team of experts with a goal in mind: to give them a full support system, allowing them to grow and flourish with piece of mind. We do not need to be led through step by step. The team members are highly skilled and will take the lead, even for the most challenging of tasks, from strategy to implementation."

Administrative Services

Whether you’ve run a business for decades or you’re just getting started, there are odds and ends to setup and maintenance that you’re not eager to do and may or may not have the time to take care of. Organizing contacts, consolidating spreadsheets of leads, keeping in consistent contact with leads - all of these are things a virtual assistant could do for you. All it takes is a message to us and a description of what you need taken care of. 

Social Media Management

As businesses branch further and further into the world of social media, the importance of a positive social presence grows in importance. However, consistent additions to social accounts and management of your brand takes time and planning. Let a virtual expert take care of this for you! With the experienced staff of Virtually Empowered, you can rest assured that your brand is in good hands while you go about your other tasks. 

Content Creation

In our marketing services article, “Introducing karmaCRM’s Partnership with TrafficCrafters,” we discussed the importance of search engine optimization, the aspect of good marketing that places your business’s website at the top of a Google search page. If you’re looking to ramp up your SEO efforts or simply looking to fill in your site a little, content creation is a great way to improve the authority of your site, and a virtual expert is just the ticket to create high quality content quickly. 

Event Management & PR Outreach

For all of our professional speakers who are looking for an extra pair of hands to handle the booking process for your speaking gigs, we have you covered for that, too. With extensive experience booking events and lending a hand the day of, Virtually Empowered’s virtual experts are ready and happy to help make your speaking business easier to manage. 

When you’re not looking for time on the stage, they’re also well-trained in public relations and eager to find opportunities for you to be featured elsewhere. Whether it’s as a guest writer on a blog or a featured speaker on a podcast, hiring a virtual expert to handle the booking process frees you to focus on the content itself rather than the day-to-day process. 

Video & Audio Editing

That said, speaker or not, video and audio management is yet another aspect of the digital side of your business that can be outsourced to a virtual expert. If you have a backlog of interview videos or podcast recordings that you just haven’t found time to neaten up, let our team handle it. After all, the more efficiently you can have content ready for your site, the sooner you can grow as a business. 


Looking for someone to manage your books? Stay tuned, as we continue to work to make this service available, as well!


Looking to secure content for your brand and not sure where to start? Let our virtual copywriting experts take a look at it! For years, the experts at Virtually Empowered have helped business owners tie down their website, blogs, and newsletters, ensuring high quality service and providing security for their brand. 

Project Management 

Do you struggle with connecting the pieces of your project, managing vendors, and monitoring deadlines? Allow one of Virtually Empowered's project managers to manage your project, team, and even create a customized team for you, to help meet your business needs while having all of your work managed in one place. 

Life & Business Coaching

If you would like to grow yourself and your business to the next level, but seem to be hitting roadblocks at every turn, allow Amanda, a Certified Life Coach and Business Strategist to develop a customized blueprint that addresses both your personal and professional obstacles, transforming them into an actionable vision.

Business Coaching & Consulting

Not sure what your business needs? Book a meeting with Amanda to identify the pain points within your business and plan for what a team of virtual experts can provide, facilitating rapid and lasting growth.  

Drop us a message in the chat box of your account screen or fill out the following form, so you can get started today! 

Note: The terms "virtually expert" and "virtual assistant" have been used here interchangeably for the sake of convenience only. In full transparency, "virtual expert" refers to our partners who not only work virtually but have narrowed their area of expertise (to "social media and brand management" or "event management," for example). On the other hand, "virtual assistant" refers more so to those that work virtually and seek general tasks (that is, they are not experts in a specific field).

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