Calendar Settings

Within the calendar setting section of karma, you can change the view of your calendar, the start of your week and day, the end of your day, what happens when events are completed, if you would like to show weekends and week number, and the order of your calendars in both the calendar list and when you create an event.  

To access the Calendar Settings page, click your name in the header bar and go to settings. While on your "My Settings" page, click the Calendar tab, next to the profile.  (**If you are a user, your page will look different on the right side of the page)

You can make the following settings in your calendar view.

  • Default View: This allows you the option of monthly, weekly, or daily view.
  • Start of week: This allows you to change the starting day of the week. 
  • Start of day: This allows you to change the starting time of the day (for weekly or daily views).
  • End of day: This allows you to change the ending time of the day (for weekly or daily views).
  • Fade out: Selecting fade out will fade events upon completion.
  • Show weekends: Checking the box will show Saturday and Sunday.
  • Show week numbers, Checking the box will show week numbers on the monthly calendar view.
  • Calendar order: If you have created multiple calendars on your account, you can change the sequence of showing the calendar names on the Calendar tab by dragging the calendars into a different order.

Click on the Save button to save the calendar settings.

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