Is there any training material for the Sales Intel Search Engine?

If you are a recent subscriber to the Sales Intel Search Engine or just need a reminder of some of the different functions of the Engine, there is a variety of training material available to you. 

The first option is the Sales Intel Search Engine User Guide. This 20 page document details everything you need to know, from the basic functionality of the Engine to tips and tricks from Sam Richter himself, the creator of this awesome tool. 

Download the PDF here for free!

The second option is in-app training and support. If you have yet to sign up for the Sales Intel Search Engine, please note that you will need to subscribe before proceeding with the following steps, to access in-app training. 

1. Login to your Sales Intel Search Engine account. 

2. Under the “Sales Intel Engine Training” header, you can access guides to help you get started, regardless of what business you run, including: 

               Engine User Guide
               Engine User Videos
               Speaker Quick Tips (5:43)
               Sales Success Report Library

3. Under the “Lead Lists for Pro Speakers” header, speakers and coaches can access material created specifically for their industry, including a list of associations and a list of companies to which they can begin outreach. 

Please note that all of this material is considered the intellectual property of Sam Richter and his program, Know More University. Although you are authorized to access this information, as a part of your subscription, please do not share any of this information

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