How do I import my contacts from Google?

You have an option to import the contacts from your Gmail account to your account. 

You need to click your organization name in the upper right corner, go to Settings, and then click Integrations.

Click on Install next to Google Contacts.

Select your Google account (or enter email address and password), and allow access to karma.

The page appears as below.

Select the checkbox corresponding to My Contacts. The options to select specific contacts' groups depending on how you have organized your Gmail contacts. To synch your karma account into a specific Gmail contacts group, you need to tag the karma contact with exactly the same name as of the corresponding Gmail contacts group where you want to synch it.

In SynType drop-down list, select Only Import from Google Contacts option.

Click on the Import button. The Contacts tab is opened by default and you can see the message that import has been finished.

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