How do I merge 2 contacts into 1?

If you do not have the merge option or get an error, you have been prohibited from deleting, which includes merging contacts. You will need to contact your admin. 

*** Once you merge contacts, there is NO undo, please merge cautiously. ***

If you have 2 or more contacts in your account that are the same, you can merge the contacts. There are 2 ways to merge duplicates.

Inside the contact: 

Karma will identify potential contacts as duplicates based on the same first and last name or the same email address. When karma detects a potential duplicate, it will place a red "Duplicate" button in the contact. Click the button and you'll see additional data for the potential duplicate. If it is indeed a duplicate, select merge. 

If it is not a duplicate, you can click "Ignore Duplicate" and confirm the Ignore and the red button will no longer appear. 

If there are multiple (more than 2 contacts), you can merge all of the contacts as described above. If one or more is not actual duplicates, simply uncheck any contacts that should not be merged and follow the onscreen instructions. 

Bulk Merge from the List: 

If you have 2 or more contacts on the same page in the list, you can use the bulk update menu to merge the contacts. Simply check the boxes next to the contacts you wish to merge and select Merge from the bulk update menu.

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