Add Widgets on Dashboard

In karma, you can setup a custom dashboard to see what exactly you want to see on the dashboard when you login to your account. You can organize this dashboard in multiple tabs and then add multiple widgets on these tabs.

Click on Dashboard tab.

A widget shows specific set of records of a particular information type, for example, a widget can be of your Contacts, Deals, or Tasks.

On your dashboard, a default tab is selected where you can start adding widgets.

About Widgets

Click on Add Widgets button available at the top right side of the screen. The types of widgets are divided into four categories, as below.

  • Modules: In this you can add widget such as broadcasts, cases, companies, and contacts.
  • Integrations: In this you can add widget for showing the campaign records of your MailChimp account.
  • Tools: In this you can add a widget of sticky note.
  • Karma: In this you can add a widget for providing feedback to KarmaCRM, and a widget for tracking change log of KarmaCRM.


  • Broadcasts: This widget displays broadcasts and announcements to users.
  • Cases: This widget displays the status of your cases.
  • Companies: This widget displays the list of companies.
  • Contacts: This widget displays the list of recent contacts added to karmaCRM.
  • Deals: This widget displays the list of deals with their status such as pending, sent, holding and so on.
  • Events: This widget reviews the upcoming events.
  • History: This widget shows the recent history such as recent task created, recent event created and so on.
  • Recently Viewed: This widget shows the most recent records that you have opened, created, deleted and so on.
  • Report: This widget shows you the short summary of each of your report
  • Tasks: This widget shows the tasks that have been assigned to you, or tasks that are created by you for other user and so on.

In Integrations tab, you can add MailChimp Campaigns widget. This widget allows you to add a campaign widget and see the records of campaigns of your MailChimp account. (Please see MailChimp Campaigns widget for details.)

In Tools tab, you can add Sticky Notes widget. This widget allows you to add a sticky note and save it for future.

In karma tab, you can add following widgets:

  • Feedback: This widget allows you to provide suggestion or idea to karmaCRM
  • KarmaCRM ChangeLog: This widget enables you to see the latest changes and new features added to karmaCRM.

Add a Widget

In Add Widgets window, click on Add button available corresponding to the widget name, as below.

Click on Close button. The widget is added on the dashboard.

By using filters, you can change the set of records of the widget to see what exactly you want to see. For example: In Contacts widgets, you want to see the contacts, to which the User A is assigned, you need to select the user from Assigned to drop down list.
Click on Save button and you can see the filtered list of contacts. You can filter the contacts such as by stage, status, and referral source.

You can search a record using different search filters and these filters are available depending on the widget you want to filter the record.

For example: In the Contacts widget, you can search the contact by referral source. In the Cases widget, you cannot search the case by referral source. So, Referral source filter is available while searching for contacts but not available while searching for cases.

Follow the same steps to add and manage widgets and their records, to another tab on your dashboard. You can add same widgets to multiple tabs, if you want to see different records of same widget in different tabs. For example, in Tab1, In Contacts widget, you want to see only the contacts whose status is Warm, but in other tab, Tab 2, In Contacts widget, you want to see only contacts whose status is cold.


The Broadcast widget works little differently. This widget displays broadcasts and announcements to users. Only account owner and admin users can broadcast a message and this message is sent to all the account users, by default.

Click on Modules tab. Click on Add button for Broadcast, as below.

The New Broadcast window appears as below.

Write the message in Message section. Click on Save button and the message is added to Broadcasts widget as below.

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