Add New Activity

For any activity, you can assign it to any user and associate the activity with any contact, company, and deal, and then track it for its status and comments. For example: You can create a activity such as Follow up with Contact A, and assign it to a specific user.

To view your activities:

Click on Activity Tab on the left side of the screen.

This will show you all outstanding activities on the account. You can use any of the buttons above the list to filter the list.

Add New Activity from Scratch

Add the following details for new Activity.

  • Write the title of new Activity
  • Select the due date of Activity; this is the date when you want or expect it to be completed. You can also add the specific time when the Activity needs to be completed on the selected due date.
  • Select the user to whom you want to assign this Activity. Select Notify User via email option, if you want to send email notification to the assigned user. However, assigned user receives the notification on one’s karmaCRM account.
  • Select the participants of the Activity. The participants of the Activity can be any contact, company, deal and user. The Activity has been associated with the selected participant.

If you select a participant that is a contact, company, and deal, you can see that the new Activity is added to Activity section in the right sidebar of that asset’s details page. You can also see that the Activity is added to History section, as Todo interaction type. For example, while creating a new Activity, you have added any contact as a participant. Now when you can see the right sidebar details of that contact, the new Activity appears in Activity section.

Click on Save button and the Activity details are saved. You can see that the new Activity is listed in All Activity tab.

By Using Task Template

This option is available only when you see the details of any asset. You can create a new task by using task template for specific asset such as companies, deals, contacts and cases. When you see the details of any asset such as contacts, you can see the option to add a new task in the right sidebar, as below.

Click on Apply a Template drop-down list and select the task template. You can see that the task is added.

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