Customizing Stages, Statuses, Referral Sources, etc.

KarmaCRM allows for customization of the default drop-down menus and their business terms. This allows your existing business processes to be present, named, and ordered in the system any way you want them. You can add, modify, or delete the selections available to your users when selecting contact stages, contact statuses, file categories, referral sources, deal stages, task categories, task template categories, case statuses, case priorities, and case types.

Changing the Terms Select the desired category of terms you would like to modify under the “Customization” section of the “Account & Settings” menu in the top right corner of karmaCRM. From here, you can reorder, edit, delete, or add custom terms for any of the desired categories.

Adding custom terms Add custom terms for any item by clicking the “Add” button under the list.

Reordering the list Select the movement arrows and drag the item to reorder the list.

Editing the text Edit the item by selecting the pencil icon.

Deleting an item Delete the item by selecting the red “X” next to it.

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