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armaCRM enables you to create task templates where you can add multiple steps for a task to setup an automated workflow. You can use these task templates for a specific asset such as a specific contact, company or deal. A task template is different from a task record template as:

  • Task Record Templates: You create and use a task record templates to add generic details that are valid for multiple or all tasks that you plan to add to your account. These task templates are not asset specific.
  • Task Templates: These are used to streamline the workflow to complete the task. The task template allows you to define multiple task steps. While using task template, you can also use task record template to add generic details such as the name of assigned user and due date. These templates are created for specific asset.

When you add a new task template for the first time in karmaCRM account, you need to create new task template category. However, task template categories are already added in the system, you can add a new task template for those template categories.

For example, you can manage your email tasks and meeting tasks in two different template categories as Emails and Meetings.

Note: Only the karma account owner and the account admin can access this section.

Click on Settings link available at the right side of the navigation bar.

The Settings page appears. Click on Task Templates link available in Customization section as below.

There are two tabs available that are Task Templates and Task Categories. By default the Task Templates tab is opened. You can see the list of task templates and its categories, if already available in the system.

Add New Template Category

To add a new template category, click on Add a New Category button. Write the name of template category and click on Create button. The new template category is added.

Now you can add a new task template to this template category.

Add New Task Template

You can see the name of assets in different tabs. Click on the asset tab for which you want to create a new task template, such as contacts.

Click on Contacts tab as below.

For each template category, you can add one or more task templates. You can share the created categories with other assets. However you cannot share task templates of one category to other category.

Click on Add a New Template button available under the template category.

The New Task Template window appears as below.

You can add following details for task template.

Add Basic Details

  • In For field, you can see that the asset name is selected by default.
  • In Name field, write the name of new template.
  • In Category drop-down list, you can see that the category name is selected by default. If there are multiple categories available, you can change the category and the template is added to selected category.

Add Steps

You can add one or more steps for task template. Click on Manage Steps button to add steps for the corresponding task template.

Click on Add a Task button and you can add following details for each step.


Write the title of a step

Select the category such as lead, contact and requirement. You can add and manage the categories of task.

Assign To

Select the user to whom you want to assign this step.

Add a Description

Select this option, if you want to add the description of this step.

Add a Due Date

Add a number of hours or days within which the step needs to be completed. You can specify the due date in number of hours or days that are started immediately after the template is applied.

Add a Reminder

You can receive a reminder through Email or SMS options. Click on Add a Reminder button.

Select either Email or SMS option. Write the time in minutes, hours, days or week. After the template is applied, you receive the reminder after the specified time. You can add multiple reminders.

Add a Dependent Step

If multiple steps are already available, select the step, if you want that the selected step must be completed before this new step will start working.

Click on Create button and the new step is created.

You can add multiple steps for a new task template. Click on Add a Task button to create a new step. After adding one or more steps for task template, you can see the details of each step as below.

All steps of new task template is added as a single task. You can see this new task in list of all tasks. Using Task Template

When you see the details of any asset such as contacts, deals and cases, you have an option to use task template. In the right sidebar, click on Apply a Template in Tasks section, and select the template. In this drop-down list, you can see the template depending on the asset that you have currently opened. 

You can follow the same above steps to create a task template for companies, deals and cases.

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