Filtering Lists

To the leftof your list, you’ll see options to filter the results which are shown. Using the drop down menus, you can filter the list according to stage (contact, lead, follow-up, etc.,) status (cold, warm, hot, etc.,) or assignee. As you select filter options, your list will refresh, showing only the results you want to see and allowing you to edit only those results with certain specified attributes.

Filtering by tag You can also filter lists by Tags. Select the tag you wish to see results from, or select “Select Multiple Tags” to select more than one tag.

Ordering the list You can also modify the order in which list results are shown. Use the drop down menu under “Order By” to order the list (by last name, first name, date added, recent action, etc.)

Advanced filtering For more filtering options, select “Show advanced search” in the filters box. This will allow you to customize the list even more, including the option to filter by custom fields for your list.

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