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When you import any asset for multiple times, you have an option to see the recent imports. On the page of a few asset lists, there is an option to see recent imports.

For example, to see the recent imports of contacts, click on Contacts tab. The list of all contacts appears. Click on View Recent Imports button available at the right bottom side of the page as below.

The Imports page appears as below.

You can see following details for each recent import action.

  • Date: The date when the corresponding import action has been taken.
  • Name: The name of CSV that has been imported.
  • Status: Whether the status of import is unprocessed, undone, or complete.
  • Imported By: The name of user who imported the corresponding CSV
  • Records: The number of records available in the corresponding CSV file.
  • Review: You can see the details of import by using this button.

Click on Review button to review the corresponding import action. The page appears as below.

You can see following details of the import action.

  • Filename: The name of file that you have imported
  • Imported Records: The number of records imported
  • Imported by: The name of user who imported the CSV file.
  • The date of the import action

You can also see the options to redo and undo the import action. (Please see specific import contacts articles in import and export section for detailed instructions.)

Once you approve an import you will be unable to redo or undo the import.

With the same above process, you can see the recent imports for tasks, companies, cases and deals.

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