You can install the karma plug-in to your MS Office Outlook, and define settings to synchronize your contacts, tasks and events, either way, to and from Outlook and Karma account. The basic steps are:

  1. Download the Plug-in here
  2. Setup, and Install it
  3. Open MS Office Outlook, and Define settings

Note: You can use this plug-in if you are using MS Office Outlook 2010 or later. Also, please take services of your system or network administrator if you are not sure of how to see and configure the karma plug-in for your Outlook.

Download Outlook Plug-in

To see the download link from where you can download the Outlook plug-in, click on Settings link available at top right side of the navigation as below.

Click on Integrations link available in System section as below.

The page appears as below.

Click on Download Plugin button available corresponding to the Outlook option. You are redirected to the page where you can see the link as Download the Plug-in Here, click on this link and the plug-in is downloaded to your system.

Install Karma Plug-in

Contact your karma account administrator to get the setup of a Karma plugin. If you are the account admin and you do not have this plug-in, please contact Karma support to request one.

Once you get a Karma plug-in setup, follow the steps below to install it.

If your MS Outlook program is opened, close it before starting the installation process.

Double click the plug-in setup file, as below.

The dialog box appears as below.

Click on Run, to start the installation process.

Select ‘I accept the terms in the License Agreement’ checkbox and click on Install to go to the next step.

You can see the progress. When you see that the installation is complete, click on Finish to exit the setup wizard.

The installation is complete.

Open your MS Outlook program. For the first time only, you need to specify your karma account login details, as below.

You can see some basic instructions and information on the login screen.

In the left side of the dialog box, you can see that the General tab is opened by default. You need to specify the following details of karma account.

  • In UserName field, write the username.
  • In Password field, write the password.

Click on Login button.

After successful login, you can see that the karma plug-in is installed, and it is available as a tab, with its own set of options, as below.

You can define different settings whether to synchronize your contacts, tasks, or events, from Outlook to karma, or karma to Outlook, or both ways. Once you setup these settings, you need to synchronize these individually and manually.

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