MailChimp Widget


You can integrate your MailChimp account to your karma contacts. (Please see MailChimp Integration for detailed instructions.)

After you integrate MailChimp, you can add the MailChimp widget on your dashboard. This widget enables you to see the records of campaigns that you have sent to subscribers through your MailChimp account. 

For each campaign, you can see the following details. 

  • Name of campaign
  • Subscribers: Number of subscribers to whom the campaign sent
  • Opens: The percentage of subscribers who opens the campaign
  • Clicks: The percentage of subscribers who only clicks on campaign

When you place the mouse pointer on the title bar of widget, you can perform following actions: 

  • Expand and Collapse: Click on  collapse icon to collapse the widget. Click on  expand icon to show the records of widget. 
  • Refresh: Click on  icon to refresh the records available in the widget.
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