Edit Calendar Details


You can edit the details of calendars that you can see in the list of all calendars. In the list of calendars, you can see only those calendars for which you have permission to access.

Note: Only the karmaCRM account owner and the account admin can access the calendars of all users. 

Click on Calendar tab as below.

In the right side section, you can see the list of all calendars, as below. 

Click on the drop-down arrow corresponding to the calendar that you want to edit. Select Calendar Settings option.

The Edit Calendar page appears. 

Edit Basic Details

You can change the name of your calendar and its color. As you change the color of calendar, the color of all events associated with the calendar is also changed. 

Edit Sharing Details

You can change the calendar sharing settings such as you can make the calendar private, or public. You can select more users with whom you want to share calendar. However you cannot unshare the calendar with karmaCRM account owner and the account admin.

You can see the names of karmaCRM account owner and the admin. 

For details, please see adding calendar for sharing settings. 

Click on Update button to save the changes. 

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