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KarmaCRM provides you a comprehensive section to help you manage your cases. A case can cover many different needs. It can be used for support change requests, support tickets, bug reports, and for project management. Each case can have its own workflow and can be associated with contacts, companies, deals, or other tasks. 

To add a new case, click on Cases tab as below.

In the top right side of the page, click on New Case button. The New Case form appears as below.

You have two options to add a new case.

  • Add new case from scratch
  • Add new case using a case record template

Add New Case From Scratch

When you create a new case, you can customize the new case form such to add to new form fields, add or update custom values for different fields, delete the system-defined fields, and change the sequence of form fields. (Please see customize the form for detailed instructions)

Note: Only account owner and admin can customize the form.

You can add the following details of new case.

  • Subject: Write the subject of case.
  • Assigned: Select the user to whom you want to assign the new case. You can also see the name of users whose accounts are disabled. However, these users are not enabled to select. Select the checkbox Notify via Email, if you want to send the notification to the selected user through email.
  • Participants: You can add the participants of case, and these participants can be any contact, user, company and deal.
  • Status: Select the status of case such as pending, on hold, and closed.
  • Priority: Select the priority of case such as urgent, low and medium.
  • Target Date: Select the target date from popup calendar. You can click on Clear button to clear or delete the date.
  • Type: Select the type of case such as whether the case is related to a purchase order, sales order, or invoice.
  • Description: Write the description of case.
  • Tags: Write the tags that help you in finding case when you have a long list of cases. (Please see tags specific articles in global options section for detailed instructions.)

Click on Create button and the new case is created. The new case details page appears. In History section, you can see the name of new case and the name of user who created this case.

Add New Case by Using Record Template

You can also create a new case by using the case record template. Click on New Case button and the New Case form appears. At the right side of the case form, the Select a record template drop-down list appears. You can see the list of all templates that you have created for case. (Please see create a new contact record template for detailed instructions.)

Select the required template.The data in the case form is populated based on the selected template. Click on Create button.

You can see that the new case is added to cases list. (Please see see details of the case for detailed instructions.)

Add More Details of New Case

After creating a new case, when you see the details of case, you can add more details for case, as required. (Please see details of case for detailed instructions.)

  • Target Date: The date by which the case needs to be closed.
  • Target Hours: The number of hours within which the case needs to be closed.
  • Actual Hours: The actual number of hours taken by you or other user, to close the case.

If the above fields are not available in the case form while creating a new case, you can add these details later, while seeing the details of case. 

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