Change the Logo and Appearance of karmaCRM


You can customize the basic appearance of karmaCRM for the logo of your company, color schemes of an application. You can also add your own custom CSS.

Click on Settings link available at the top right side of the navigation as below.

The Settings page appears as below.

Click on Logo and Appearance link available in Customization section as below.

The Logo and Appearance page appears as below. 

To change the logo, click on the Select an image button. Select an image from your machine. The new logo image is uploaded to your karmaCRM account.

Once the image is added, you can click on Remove button to remove the image.

Color Scheme: Select the color scheme that you want to use for your application such as blue green combination, blue orange combination and red orange combination. As you select a color scheme, it is applied to your karmaCRM account.

Custom CSS: You can use your own custom CSS for layout and branding.


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