Edit Deal Details


You can edit the basic and advanced details of the deal. Click on Deals tab as below. 

At the end of the deals list, you can see the total price of deals group by their respective currency. 

In the list of deals, place the mouse pointer in the row of deal for whom you want to edit the details, the two icons appear as below.

There are following options available to edit the deal details.

  • In the list of deals, click on  available at the end of row to edit the corresponding deal details.
  • Inline edit: Take your mouse pointer over each field of the deal form. The entire field turns into yellow color, click on  icon. You can change the value of field. You can perform inline edit in the list of deals and when you see the details of deals.   
  • When you see details of the deal, click on Edit button available at top right side of the page.
  • Click on the name of deal and you can edit the deal details. 

Edit Basic Details

Click on  icon available at the end of row of the deal that you want to edit. The Edit Deal form appears where you can make the required changes, as below.

You can change the following details:

  • Deal name
  • Contact or company for whom deal was created. Click on Change link and change the contact or company.
  • Price
  • Closed Date
  • Assigned user
  • Description
  • Stage
  • Tags

Click on Update button to save the changes. 

Edit Custom Details

Edit Header Section Details

In the list of all deals, click on the name of deal for which you want to edit the details. The page appears as below.

In Header section, you can edit the following details that are added by you or any other user:

  • Deal name
  • Assigned User
  • Price
  • Close Date
  • Probability
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Stage
  • Tags
  • Edit the details of deal (Please see edit basic details section explained earlier in this article, for detailed instructions.)

Edit Main Section Details

In the main section, you can edit the following details for the deal. 

Manage Notes and History of Deal

You can add a new note for this deal. The note can be of email, phone call and note type. You can also manage the records listed in history of this deal, for different actions and interactions. (Please see manage notes and history of deal for detailed instructions.)

Edit Specific Assets/Details of the Deal

In the right sidebar, you can edit the asset that is already associated with deal such as task, and relationship and so on. Click on the name of asset that you want to edit, such as the task name, event name or relationship, and you can see the corresponding page where you can make the changes. (Please see right sidebar: advanced details for detailed instructions.)

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