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In KarmaCRM, a deal is an opportunity. You may have multiple working opportunities with same contact in Karma, and you can organize these as different deals to setup the respective workflow for each deal. 

To add a new deal, click on Deals tab as below.

In the top right side of the page, click on New Deal button. The New Deal form appears as below.

You have two options to add a new deal.

  • Add new deal from scratch
  • Add new deal using a deal record template

Add New Deal From Scratch

When you create a new deal, you can customize the new deal form such to add to new form fields, add or update custom values for different fields, delete the system-defined fields, and change the sequence of form fields. Only account owner and admin can customize the form. (Please see customize the form for detailed instructions)

You can add the following details of new deal.


Write the title of deal.  

Deal for

Write the name of company, or contact for which you want to add a deal. You can add a deal only for one contact or company at a time. Write first three letters of company or contact, the search field starts showing one or more matching words, as below. 

If no matching words found, you have an option to create a deal for new company and contact. 

However, before creating a deal, you need to add contact and company.

Create a contact: Click on Create a new Contact link and the fields appear as below.

You can write the first name and last name of the contact. In the list of contacts, you can see that the new contact is added. 

Create a company: Click on Create a new Company link and the field appears as below.

Write the name of company. In the list of companies, you can see that the new company is added.  


Select the currency for the transaction of this deal. Write the amount in corresponding field. 

Close Date

Click on Add a Close Date link and the calendar appears as below.

Select the closing date for the deal. 


Select the name of user to whom you want to assign this deal. Select unassigned option, if you do not want to assign this deal to any user.


Write the description of deal.


Select the stage of deal that can be pending, sent, won and holding. Select the date of the corresponding stage. 


Write the tags that help you in finding deal when you have a long list of deals. (Please see tags specific articles in global options section for detailed instructions.) 

Click on Create button and the new deal is created. You can see that the deal details page appears as below.

(Please see details of deal for more details.)

Create a New Deal by Using Record Template

You can also create a new deal by using the deal record template. Click on New Deal button and the New Deal form appears. At the right side of the deal form, the Select a record template drop-down list appears. You can see the list of all templates that you have created for deal. (Please see create a new deal record template for detailed instructions.)

Select the required template.  

The data in the deal form is populated based on the selected template. Click on Create button.

You can see that the new deal is added to deals list. (Please see details of the deal for detailed instructions.)

Add More Details of New Deal

After creating a new deal, when you see the details of deal, you can add more details for deal, as required.  (Please see details of deal for detailed instructions.)

  • Probability for deal 
  • Select the region


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