Tags Inventory: Merge Tags


karmaCRM enables you to see the list of all tags for specific asset. Click on Settings link available at top navigation bar as below.

Click on Tags link available in Customization section as below.

The Tags page appears as below.

You can see the different asset tabs. Click on the required asset tab for which you want to see the list of all tags. You can perform following actions on each tag name.

Edit: Click on  icon to edit the corresponding tag name. The Rename Tag window appears as below.

Rename the tag in Name field. Click on Save button to save the changes. 

Delete: Click on  icon to delete the corresponding tag name. karmaCRM asks you to confirm whether you want to delete the tag as below. 

Click on Yes button and the tag is deleted. 

Merging Tags 

If you want to combine the similar tags into one tag, you can use merging tags feature. For example, tags for 'banker' and 'banking' you can combine into one tag as bank tag. Follow these instructions:

Click on the required asset tab. The list of all tags appears. You can merge the multiple tags of specific asset. 

Click on the checkboxes corresponding to the tags that you want to merge. Click on Merge These Tags button. 

The window appears, where you need to specify the name of tag in which you want to merge the selected tags. You can either select any of the selected tag or create a new tag.

Click on Save button and the tags are merged into single tag.

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