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This article covers various ways to plot company and contact address in a map view.

From Bulk Update Menu 

With this option, you can select the companies or contacts first and then plot their addresses in a map view.  

In the list of companies, select the companies that you want to see in a map view. The company needs to have a complete address. The Bulk Update Menu drop-down list appears. Select Plot to Map option, and click on Update button.

Click on View Map button and the page appears. In right sidebar, you can see the name of selected companies with their addresses.

In the map area, you can see that the selected companies are marked at respective locations.

(Please see add companies to map for detailed instructions.)

Creating a Map from Scratch

Go to Maps section, and this section can be available in the main or secondary navigation. (Please see setting of navigation tabs for detailed instructions.) Click on More drop-down list and select Maps option as below.

In the top right side of the page, click on New Map button, the window appears as below.

Write the title of new map. Click on Save button. The page appears as below.

Add a Marker: You can add more companies to the map area view. Click on Add a Marker button and write the name of company or contact whose address you want to see in a map view.

You can see that the address with company or contact name with their address is added at right side bar. The corresponding companies or contacts are also marked in the map area.

(Please see create new map for detailed instructions.)

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