Create and Use an Email Template


karmaCRM enables you to create an email template, and you can use it to send essentially the same email message to multiple contacts.

To Create an Email Template

Click on Settings link available at the top navigation bar as below.

The Settings page appears. Click on Email Templates link available in the System section as below. 

The Email Templates page appears as below. 

You can see the list of all available templates. Click on New Email Template button available at the top right side of the page. 

In the Label field, write a word or phrase to help you easily determine the template from other templates. This label is not visible to the contact or company to whom you are sending an email.  

In the Subject, write a subject as you want in the subject line of an email. 

For Category, select Contact or Company, depending on to whom you want to send the email (this is tab-specific).

In Attachments, if you need to add an attachment, make sure the file has been previously uploaded to your account. Start typing the name of the file, and select it from the drop-down menu. (Please see add a new file for detailed instructions.)

Write the email message in the email body box located below the variables.

In the Variables section, you can see a list of different variables (or merge fields) that you can include in the body of your email, to give your email a more personalized feel. Select checkbox corresponding to the First Name inserts the First Name variable where your cursor is located in the body of the email.

The variable appears in your email, and you can then type the remainder of your email around that variable, depending on where you want to place the variable. Do NOT remove the variable's double brackets - {{ }} - or modify the field name within the email. These brackets serve as your variable/merge fields and will be auto-populated with information specific to your individual contacts in each email that is sent.

Click on Create button. 


To Apply an Email Template

NOTE: You need to install the karmaMail client (please see setup email integration for detailed instructions) before you can apply an email template!

Go to the contact or company record to whom you want to send an email by using email template.


Click on the email ID. The window appears as below.

From the template drop-down menu, select the email template. For more details on how to use an email template and send an email to contact, please see send an email to contact.

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