Overview of karmaCRM


KarmaCRM is a comprehensive and flexible CRM that seamlessly wraps around your business processes rather than the other way around. The more the language, features, and organization of your CRM system reflect what you and your team are used to, the more comfortable and productive you’ll be. Every addition, customization, and design decision we make is centered around allowing you to make this system truly your own.

A quick list of KarmaCRM key features is as below.

  • Sales Automation: Basic and Advanced setup, design and customization for workflow, for tasks, records, emails, SMS
  • Contacts Automation: Advanced and powerful contacts management, unified user experience for each contact’s workflow, social integration, relationships, tasks, documents, maps, and external calendars and email clients’ integrations,
  • Teams: Users and role based access and permissions, custom dashboard for collaboration, file sharing and notifications
  • Calendars, events, Tasks: Custom calendars and advanced events for different assets, permissions, scheduling, unified experience for tasks and events in custom calendar views, integration of external calendars
  • Reporting: Extensive custom reporting

Please see modules and workflow to have more understanding and overview of the system.

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