Add and Manage Task Categories


KarmaCRM enables you to group your tasks into categories depending on the type of action the task requires. These categories help you to separate your tasks in task related report. For example, you can add all your tasks that are related to contacts in Contact category.

Note: Only the karma account owner and the account admin can access this section.

Click on Settings link available at the top right side of the navigation bar as below.

The Settings page appears. Click on Task Categories link appears in Customization section as below.

You can see two tabs as Task Templates and Task Categories. By default the Task Categories tab is opened.

You can see the list of all categories that are already available in the system. 

Add New Task Category

Click on Add another Option button to add a new task category, as below.

  • Write the name of category.
  • Write the hex code to add background color for each category listed. You can also see that the color of the category text is changed to white color by default.

Click on Create button and the new category is created. 

Manage Task Categories

You can perform following actions on each task category:

Edit: Click on  icon to edit the corresponding category. You can change the name of category and the background color of the category listed, as below. 

Click on Update button and the category is updated. 

Delete: Click on  icon to delete the corresponding category. karmaCRM asks you to confirm whether you want to delete the category as below.    

Click on Yes button and the category is deleted.

Change the Sequence: You can change the sequence of showing the category names in Category drop-down list. Click on  icon to drag the category and drop it to anywhere in the list, as required. 



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