Deals: Right Siderbar - Advanced Settings


KarmaCRM enables you to define advanced settings for specific deal. Click on Deals tab as below.

The list of all deals appears. Click on title of deal for which you want to define advanced settings. The details page of deal appears as below.

In the right sidebar, you can perform following actions.


By default, the tasks tab is opened. You can see the list of tasks, if any associated with the deal.

For each task listed, you can edit, delete and mark the task as completed.

When you place the mouse pointer on task, you can see icons to edit and delete the corresponding task.

  • Edit: Click on  to edit the corresponding task. The Edit Task window appears, where you make the changes as required.
  • Delete: Click on  to delete the corresponding task.
  • Add Comment: Click on  to add a new comment for task. Write the comment and click on Post button. You can also add a file for this comment. You can see the details of task such as when task was last updated, created, and the name of user who created this task.
  • Mark it as Important: Click on  and task is marked as important.
  • Mark as Complete: Mark the checkbox corresponding to name of task and that task is marked as complete. You can add completion notes for task.

(Please see manage tasks for detailed instructions.) 

You can add a new task by following ways. 

  • Click on Apply a Template drop-down arrow to select the template. The task of the selected task template is added. (Please see task templates for detailed instructions.)
  • Click on Add a Task button to create a task. You can use a task record template or create a task from scratch. (Please see create a task for detailed instructions.)


Click on Files tab and you can see the files, if any attached for a deal. 

Click on Add Files button to add a new file. You need to select the file from system and file gets uploaded.


Click on Add a Relationship button. You can search for any other contact, company that is in relationship with this opened deal. For example, if any company referred this opened deal.  

You can define one or more relations. Write first three alphabets and the matching words started displaying automatically.

Select the relation and click on Save button. The list of relationships that you have added is displayed, as below.

For each relation listed, you can see the details such as photo, and name. Click on  to see the short description of the relation. 

Delete: Click on  to delete the corresponding relation.


You can see the list of events if any associated with a deal.

For each event listed, you can see the name of event, the scheduled date and time of an event, and the participants of an event. 

Click on  icon available corresponding to the name of event. The window appears where you can mark the event as completed, see the event details, edit an event and delete an event.


Click on Add an Event button to add a new event for deal. When you create an event, you can see the name of deal by default in Participants field. (Please see add an event for detailed instructions.)

Important Dates

You can add one or more important dates related to this opened deal. 

Click on Add a Date button and different options appear as below.

  • Select Birthday option, and add the birth date of this opened deal. 
  • Select Anniversary option, and add anniversary date of this opened deal.

There are many other options available such as first met, and renewal. You can also add other important date for this opened deal. 

Select the checkbox Yearly, if you want to create an yearly recurring event on selected day.

You can add the event in any calendar. By default your calendar is selected. Click on change link available corresponding to selected calendar and select the required calendar.

By default, you can see that the reminder of 1 day before the event date is set. You can click on change link to change the reminder time.

To add a reminder, you can specify the time in minutes, hours, weeks and days. You can receive the reminder before the specified time of an important day. 

For each action or interaction in the right sidebar, the corresponding log is created in History section. (Please see manage history of deal for detailed instructions.)

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