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You can create one or more calendars for your own account. As an account owner, you can also see the calendars of all users. However when you are logged in as a normal user, you can see the calendars depending on the permissions assigned by the user who has created that calendar.

KarmaCRM enables you to add multiple calendars so that you can organize events and tasks for specific contacts, companies or deals, separately. For example: Create a calendar to schedule all tasks of the Client A. Likewise you can create a calendar to schedule all events of the Project A.  

Click on Calendars tab as below.

In the right sidebar, just below the mini calendar, the list of calendars appears as below.

For each calendar, you can see its name and its color legend.

Click on the drop-down arrow corresponding to any calendar and you can perform following actions.

  • Display only this calendar: Select this option if you want to see all events and tasks scheduled only for this calendar, in the calendar view.   
  • Calendar Settings: Select this option to make the basic settings of this calendar such as change the name of calendar, color legend for calendar and permission assigned to access the calendar. (Please see edit calendar details for detailed instructions.)
  • Create event on this calendar: Select this option, if you want to create an event for this calendar. (Please see create an event for detailed instructions.)
  • Delete this calendar: Select this option, if you want to delete this calendar. karmaCRM asks you to confirm whether you want to delete the calendar.

Click on Yes, delete this calendar button and the calendar is deleted.

Note: If you delete the calendar, all events associated with calendar also deleted. However the tasks are not deleted. When you delete a calendar, you cannot retrieve its data such as its events list, later. So, you can use Export Events for your backup as a reference, before you delete an event. (Please see export events for detailed instructions.)

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