Organize Folders and Files


You can organize the folders and its files such as to move the file in any folder and to move the file from a folder to another location. 

Go to Files section. You can see this option either in main or secondary navigation. (Please see settings of navigation tabs for detailed instructions.)

Click on More drop-down list and select Files option as below. 

Move Files into Folder When In Same Hierarchy

If folders and files are available in the same hierarchy, you can drag any file and drop into any folder in the hierarchy such as its parent folder or parent-to-parent folder. The file is moved to that folder now. In the breadcrumbs, you can see the hierarchy of the folder such as its parent folder, parent-to-parent folder.

Click on Home link shown in breadcrumbs, to move any file or folder at Home page of Files section.  

Move File From a Folder to Another Location

Drag the file and drop it to the folder in which you want to move.

Move Folder into Other Folder

You can drag one or more folders and drop into other folder. So, it gives you the hierarchy of sub-folders. 

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