Manage Files


karmaCRM enables you to manage your files such as to change the permissions to access the file, and delete the file. Go to Files section. You can see this option either in main or secondary navigation. (Please see settings of navigation tabs for detailed instructions.)

Click on More drop-down list and select Files option as below.


When you place the mouse pointer on any file whether it exists inside folder or outside the folder, you can edit and delete the corresponding file. 

Edit File

Click on  icon to edit the corresponding file. The Edit Asset window appears as below.

You can change the description of file and change the permissions to access the file. 

Change Permissions

In Private option, you can delete the permissions of selected users and groups. Select other users and groups that can access the file. Click on  to delete the corresponding permission. 

You can also change the Private option to Everyone option.

Delete File

Click on  icon to delete the corresponding file. karmaCRM asks you to confirm whether you want to delete the file.

Click on Yes button and the file is deleted. When you delete a folder, all its sub-folders and files that are inside this folder, are deleted. You can take backup before you delete a folder or file, for future reference, if required.

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