Add a New Company Record Template


You can create a new company record template and add some basic or default details that you can use to create a new company. When you use this template to add new company, the form fields are populated with pre-defined data. 

Click on Settings link available at the right side of the navigation bar.

The Settings page appears. Click on Record Templates link available in System section as below.

The Record Templates page appears. You can see that there are multiple tabs available with different asset name. By default, the Contacts tab is opened. Click on Companies tab as below.

Click on New Company Record Template button available in Companies tab. The page appears as below.

In Label field, specify the name of template. This template name is displayed in Select a record template drop-down list while creating a new company. (Please see create a new company by using template for detailed instructions.)

You can see the form fields that you use to create a new company. You can customize the fields of the form. (Please see customize the form fields for detailed instructions.)

Specify the details in the form. Try to add generic details that are valid for multiple or all companies that you plan to add to your account, so that it works as a template. For fields that may need custom values for each company, you can leave those blank.

Click on Create button. The details are saved in the template.

You can use the template while creating a new company. (Please see create a new company for detailed instructions) 

To manage these record templates, please see manage record templates.

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