Deals: Setup Custom Settings


For the deals that you add in your karma account, you can define custom settings of these deals such as what values you want to see when you add and manage deals stages.

Click on Settings link available at the top right side of the navigation bar.

The Settings page appears. 

To customize the stages

Click on Deal Stages link available in Deals sub-section as below.

You can see that a few fields are already added to the form and few more are available in the left sidebar that you can add to the form. You can define custom settings of a field only if it is already available in the form. Else, you need to add the field in a form before you customizes it. (Please see customize the form for detailed instructions.)

As you click on Deal Stages link, the Stage field is highlighted and is opened by default, as below.

You can see all the available stages for a deal such as pending, sent and holding. You can perform following actions on each stage option.

Edit the Option

Click on  to edit the corresponding option.

Change the name of option. Click on Update button to save the changes.

Delete the Option

Click on  to delete the corresponding option. KarmaCRM asks you to confirm whether you want to delete the option as below.

Click on Yes button and the option is deleted.


Click on the option to drag and drop it to other location. You can use this option to rearrange the sequence or order of options for the field. 

Add New Option

Click on Add another Option button. Write the name of new stage option as below.

Click on Create button and the new stage option is added.

Now when you add status for a new or an existing deal, the new status option is also available. 

Custom Settings for Custom Fields

In addition, you can define custom fields for the form, and setup any values for those new custom fields. (Please see add custom fields for detailed instructions.)

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