Account Settings


You can make the profile, calendar and other advanced settings of your karmaCRM account. In the top navigation bar, click on drop down arrow available corresponding to your name as below.

You can see your name, photo and your company name.

Add Your Photo

Click on the blank image corresponding to your name. The Change Account Photo window appears as below.

Click on Select an Image button and select the image from your computer. The image is uploaded.

You can also change the image. Click on Remove Image button, the image is removed and you can upload the new image.

Click on Close button. 

My Settings

Click on this link and you can update your profile. You can make different settings for your calendar view. (Please see update your profile details and calendar settings for detailed instructions.)

My Email DropBox

KarmaCRM allows you to easily keep a record of all emails that you have sent to a contact or received from a contact by using Dropbox email address. (Please see email dropbox for detailed instructions.) 

Manage Accounts

Click on this link and you can create a new account and associate this account with your existing login.

You can also logout from your account. Click on Logout link available at top right side of the page.

Sign Out

Click on this link to exit from karmaCRM account. 

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