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This section is available at the extreme right side in the navigation bar. Click on Help link to see the Support section of karmaCRM as below:  

The window appears as below.


Watch Videos

Click on Watch Our Training Videos link and you can learn how to use features in karmaCRM.

The window appears where you can see a list of videos as below. 

You can see the list of videos with the title of what is explained in the video such as in Dashboard videos, you can see the video of how to customize your dashboard.

Click on any video and the video starts playing in a new browser window.

Post Ideas, Comments and Votes

KarmaCRM enables you to post your ideas or suggestions, for any feature or requirements for the system. When you post an idea; the admin reviews it and updates it for the status such as whether it is considered or declined. You can also post your comments on the ideas that are submitted by other users.

Post an idea

As you start writing an idea in I suggest you section, you can see the list of other related ideas that are posted by other users on karmaCRM as below.

You can either add a new idea or vote for an existing ideas.

Click on Post a new idea button and you can add following details: 

Write the title of an idea, select the category such as activities, calendar, deals, dashboard and so on, and description of an idea. To vote for an idea, select the option 1, 2, or 3 depending on how strongly you feel about your idea. 

Use Filters to see an idea

You can use the filters that are available just below the suggestion textbox to find or see the ideas. 

For example: You can use the filter My ideas to see the ideas that you added for karmaCRM. You can use the filter My comments to see the comments that you added for other user article or for your own article. 

You can use following filters to see the ideas. 

  • Hot: The ideas that are most recently discussed
  • Top: The ideas that are top rated
  • New: The ideas that are added recently
  • Category: You can see the ideas by different categories such as by contacts, companies, and deals. 
  • Status: You can see the ideas by different statuses such as by completed, planned and declined. 
  • My Ideas: The ideas that you added

Add Comment for an idea

Any user can add a comment for the idea posted by other users. Click on title of the idea and the idea details page appears as below.

You can see the number of comments already added for this idea. Write the comment and your email address. Click on Post comment button and the comment is added.

You can also share an idea on your twitter and facebook account. 

Vote for an existing idea

You can vote on ideas posted by other users. Click on the title of the idea and the idea details page appears. Click on votes button available corresponding to the idea as below.

As you click on votes button, there are three options available to vote as below.

Click on 1 vote, 2 votes or 3 votes buttons depending on how strongly you feel about your idea. 

Right side section 

You can see the following details in this section:

  • Votes: You can see the number of votes that are available to you depending on your karmaCRM account type.
  • Number of ideas: You can see the total number of ideas available for specific category.

Click on specific category and in the left side section, all ideas related to that category is displayed.

Submit a Support Ticket

Click on Submit a Support Ticket link and the page appears. 

You need to login with karmaCRM Support Center. Specify the username and password of the Support Center and click on Sign in button.

The Submit a request page appears. 

  • Write your first name.
  • Write the description of the issue.
  • Attach any file, if required.

Click on Submit button. You get an email that the message has been received and karmaCRM will contact you with a response soon.

After some time, you get an email of the karmaCRM support team response. Click on the link available in the email. You can see the response. 

You can see the unique ID of your support ticket.

In the right sidebar, you can see the details of your submitted request such as status, priority, and your name.

In left side main section, you can further add your reply in response of karmaCRM support team. If you are satisfied with the response and want to close the issue, select the checkbox Please consider this request solved. 

Read Our Documentation

Click on Read Our Documentation link to see the knowledge base of karmaCRM. You can refer to any article available in different sections. 


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