Quick Create Icons


You can see the list of icons at the right side of Search Everything Here field as below:

These are the shortcut icons that you can use for quick and common actions while using the system.

  • Contact: Click on first icon to create a new contact. (Please see contacts for detailed instructions.)
  • Company: Click on second icon to create a new company. (Please see companies for detailed instructions.)
  • Event: Click on fourth icon to create a new event. (Please see events for detailed instructions.)
  • Email: Click on fifth icon to create and send a new email message for any contact or company. This icon is available only if you have integrated one or more Gmail and standard email accounts with karmaCRM. (Please see send an email to contact, send an email to company, and integrations for detailed instructions.)
  • Case: Click on More drop-down arrow, and select the New Case option. You can add a new case. (Please see cases for detailed instructions.)
  • Deal: Click on More drop-down arrow and select the New Deal option. You can add a new deal. (Please see deals for detailed instructions.)

These icons are globally available whenever you are logged in to karmaCRM. For example: while creating a new company, you can switch to page of creating a new contact. However company details are not saved until you click on Save button to save the details. So, before switch to another page, you need to save the details of current page. 

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