Cancel Your Account


As an account owner, you can cancel your own account when you are logged in to Karma.

Click on Settings link available at the top right side of the page.

The Settings page appears where you can define different settings for your account. In the right sidebar, click on Accounts, Upgrades and Billing link available in the Upgrading section as below. 

The Accounts, Upgrades and Billing page appears as below.

You can take the backup of your account data before cancel the account.

Take Backup of data

You need to export all the data for which you want to take the backup. After exporting the data, click on Settings link available in the right side of the navigation bar. The page appears, where you need to click on Backups and Exports link available in System section as below.

You can download all the data that you have exported. (Please see exporting specific articles in import and export, for detailed instructions.)

Cancel Your Account

In Need to cancel your account section, click on Please cancel my account link. Once your account is cancelled, all your contacts, tasks, companies, deals, and cases are immediately deleted. 



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