Assets Specific Files


KarmaCRM enables you to add a file for specific asset. When you see the details of any asset such as company, case, deal, and contact, you can add a file for that asset.

For example: To add a file for asset as contact. Click on Contacts tab and the list of contacts appears. Click on the name of contact and the details page appears. In the right sidebar, you can click on Files tab. (Please see right sidebar:advanced settings for detailed instructions.)

Click on Add Files button and select the file from your system. The file gets uploaded for the contact.

You can also see that this file is listed in Files section. Go to Files section. In this list, you can see the file that you have added for specific contact. (Please see files section for detailed instructions.)

In the list, you can see the file name and asset name regarding which the file is added. For example, if you have added a file for Contact: Liz Polly, you can see the name of file and the name of contact with which the file is associated. 

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