Setting Up Email Integration


This article is the first part of fully setting up your email integration. Please make note of the linked articles located at the end of this article, and be sure you have clicked on the appropriate link in order to fully complete the email integration process!

In this article, you will be walked through the process of setting up email integration between your email client and karma so that you are able to send emails to your contacts from within karma.

To Set Up Email Integration

You have different options to setup email integration such as yahoo, icloud, gmail and outlook. When you integrate an email client in your karma account, you can see your incoming emails to your karma account, in this integrated mailbox. For example, if you send an email to a contact from your karma account, you can see that contact's reply in this integrated email client such as yahoo.

Note: You can integrate only one email client in one karma account at a time. So, you cannot integrate your yahoo account, if you have already integrated your gmail or iCloud account. To integrate the yahoo account, you need to remove the other email integration, if any.

Click on Settings link available at the top navigation bar as below. 

Click on Integrations (under the green SYSTEM heading).

Click on the Install button (next to Email).

The following screen appears, which asks you to select the appropriate type of email account:

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