Manage Maps


You can manage the maps such as to edit the map, and to delete the map.

Go to Maps section, and this section can be available in the main or secondary navigation. (Please see setting of navigation tabs for detailed instructions.) Click on More drop-down list and select Maps option as below.

The list of all maps generated for contacts and companies appears.

Place the mouse pointer in the row of map to whom you want to edit or delete. The two icons appear as below.

Edit the Map

Click on  icon to edit the corresponding map. The window appears as below.

Change the name of map. Click on Save button. The map details page appears where you can make the following changes. 

  • You can add a new company or contact for which you want to see addresses in a map view.
  • Click on  to delete the corresponding contact and company that are already marked in the left side map area.

Delete the Map

Click on  icon to delete the corresponding map view. KarmaCRM asks you to confirm whether you want to delete the map as below.

Click on Yes button and the map view is deleted. 

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