Send an Email to Contact


You can create and send an email message to a contact directly from the karmaCRM. You can send an email either by using email template or create an email message from scratch. 

There are two options available to send an email.

  • From list of contacts: Send an email to a specific contact that you have selected, although you have an option to change the contact.
  • From top navigation bar: Write the name of contact to whom you want to send an email.

Send an Email from List of Contacts

Click on Contacts tab as below.

The list of all contacts appears. Click on the name of contact to which you want to send an email message. The details page of the contact appears.

In the header details of contact, you can see one or more email ID’s of a contact. These email IDs are added by you or other user while creating a contact. (Please see add new contact for detailed instructions.)

Click on the email ID on which you want to send an email message to a contact. 

From Top Navigation bar

Click on  icon available in the left side of the top navigation bar. (Please see using quick icons for detailed instructions.)

Add Details of New Email Message

From both the above options, the window appears as below.

To field

In To field, you can see the selected email ID by default. However if you are using top navigation bar to send an email message, you need to specify the contact, company or email address. You can click on change link to change the added email ID. You can send an email to only one contact, one company or only on one email address at a time.

When you start writing the first three letters of contact or company, the To field starts showing the matching name of contact or company with their respective email ID. The To field shows only those contacts or companies for which email IDs are already added.

You can also write any email address.  


In Template drop-down list, select the template that you want to use for sending an email message. The pre-defined data of the template is automatically added to new email message. If you want to create a new email message from scratch, you do not select any template. (Please see create a new email template for detailed instructions.)

Add Attachments

Click on  icon available at the top right side of the window to show or hide the attachments field. Click on Add Files button and select the file from your system. The file is uploaded.

You can also add attachments from the files listed in the Files menu. In Attachments field, when you start writing first three letters of the file name, the field starts showing the related file names. Select the name of file and file is added. (Please see files section for detailed instructions.) 

Whatever files you browse from your system for any email, these are listed in the Files section for your reference.

BCC field

In BCC field, you can see the email ID depending on the settings of email integration. The email ID specified in this field is not visible to other recipients added in To and CC fields. (Please see Gmail integrations for detailed instructions)

Add Subject

In Subject field, you can see the default subject, depending on the settings of email integration or email template, if you have selected any. You can also specify the new subject of an email message. (Please see create an email template for detailed instructions.)

From field

In From field, you can see the email IDs of the accounts that you have integrated with karmaCRM. There can be multiple email IDs available depending on the number of accounts integrated with karmaCRM. Select the email ID as required.

Show and Hide BCC and CC fields

Click on  drop-down list to show and hide BCC and CC fields in a new email message. Select the field that you want to show and deselect the field, if you want to hide the field from new email message.

Add Message in Body Area

In the body area of an email message, you can see the signatures by default depending on the settings of email integration. Write the email message in the body area and you can use available options to format the text for features such as to change the text color, to make text bold, and to underline the text. Select the text in the body area and click on  icon to highlight it.

Send an Email Message

Click on Send button and the email message is sent.

Save as Draft

Click on Save as Draft button to save the email message and send it later. You can see the message that email is saved as draft.


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