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KarmaCRM provides you an advanced and flexible contacts management interface to help you manage your contacts. The Contacts details page provides you a comprehensive set of options to manage deals, events, tasks, cases, notes, and notifications, related to that contact. 

To add a new contact, click on Contacts tab as below.

In the top right side of the page, click on New Contact button, the New Contact form appears as below.

You have two options to add a new contact.

  • Add new contact from scratch
  • Add new contact using a contact record template

Add New Contact From Scratch

You can add the details of new contact such as first name, last name, company name, and phone numbers. This is the default form to add details of a new contact. You can customize this form such to add new form fields, delete available fields, and to change the sequence of form fields. (Please see customize the form for detailed instructions.)

Basic Details

Add the basic details for new contact such as the first name, last name, company name, and phone numbers, and the title in the company. 

Additional Information

Add Email Addresses: You can add one or more email addresses of the contact. Write the email ID and select an option for Work, Home or Other. If the email address of contact is personal, you can select Home option. You can use these email addresses to send an email to the contact. Click on Add Another button to add another email ID, as below.

Add Social Accounts: You can add one or more social accounts of the contact. Write the social account URL and select the corresponding social account type. Click on Add Another button to add new social account, as below.

Add Full Address: You can add complete address of the contact. This enables you to see the contact's address in a map view. (Please see add contacts to map for detailed instructions.) 

Assigned: Select the user to whom you want to assign the new contact.

Private Notes: Write any private notes, if required.

Stage: Select the stage of the contact person such as whether the new contact is a contact, lead, requirement, proposal, or follow up. 

Tags: Write appropriate tags for this new contact, these tags help you find and filter contacts in a large list of contacts. (Please see tags specific topics in global options section for detailed instructions.)

Status: Specify the status of the contact person, whether it is warm, cold

Permissions: Select Everyone option, if you want that anyone can access the details of this new contact. Select Private option, if you want that only specific users and groups can access the contact person details. As you select Private option, the Select a User or Group drop down list appears as below.    


Select the user or group and assign the permissions, as below.

  • Select the permission as Read and Write, if you want that selected user or group can read and write the details of contact. 
  • Select the permission as Read Only, if you want that selected user or group can only read the details of contact.

Click on Create button. The contact details page appears, where you can add more details of contact.

Create a New Contact by Using Record Template

You can also create a new contact by using a contact record template. Click on New Contact button and the New Contact form appears. At the right side of the contact form, the Select a record template drop-down list appears. You can see the list of all templates that you have created for contact. (Please see create a new contact record template for detailed instructions.)

Select the required template. The data in the contact form is populated based on the selected template. Apply the record template prior to entering data, as pre-populated fields may have the data removed.

Click on Create button to save this new contact. You can see that the new contact is added to contacts list. (Please see see details of the contact for detailed instructions.)

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