Update Your Organization Details


You can update the details of your organization such as its name, and whether to make the tasks of organization as public or not.

Note: Only the karma account owner and the account admin can access this section.

Click on Settings link available at the top right side of the page.

The Settings page appears where you can define different settings for your account. Click on Organization link available in Preferences section as below. 

The Organization page appears as below.

You can update the following details:

  • Organization name
  • Make all tasks public: Select the option whether you want to make all tasks public or not. By default, all tasks are private, when they are assigned to user and participants.
  • Ignore contact name duplicate checking: Select the option whether the system ignore the checking of duplicate contact name or not. Select Yes option, if you want system to ignore the checking of duplicate contact name, and the system will not automatically merge the contacts by matching first and last name.  

KarmaCRM uses the following fields to identify whether the contact is being duplicated.

  • First name and last name
  • Only Email address

Click on Save button to save the changes. 


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