Account Settings: Calendar Settings


In karmaCRM, calendar helps you to manage your events and tasks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. All users with any roles and permissions can access this Calendar section.

In the top navigation bar, click on the drop down arrow available corresponding to your name, as below.

Click on My Settings link.

Note: If you are a karma account owner or an admin, you can update your profile settings using Settings link in the top navigation bar, at Preferences | My Settings or Preferences | Calendar. 

The Settings page appears where you can define the settings of your account. You can see that the Profile tab is opened by default. Click on Calendar tab, as below.

You can make the following settings in your calendar view.

  • Default View: Select the calendar view that you want to see whenever you open the calendar such as month, week or day view.
  • Start of week: Select the day with which the week starts in a calendar such as Sunday to Saturday view, Saturday to Friday and so on.
  • Start of day: Select the time at which every day starts.
  • Fade out: Select the section that you want to fade out such as fade out the events that are completed, or fade out all events that are scheduled before today.
  • Select the option Show weekends, if you want to show Saturday and Sunday also in a calendar.  
  • Select the option Show week numbers, if you want to show the week number of the year corresponding to the specific week.
  • Calendar other: If you have created multiple calendars for your client, or project, you can change the sequence of showing the calendar names on the Calendar tab.

Click on Save button to save the calendar settings. 


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