If you're one of our Pro or Premium account users and you're geared up to automate your emails, look no further! Through the automated email campaign feature of Pro and Premium accounts, whether you're on karmaCRM or karmaSpeaker, you can dramatically speed up the email process. So, let's jump right in! 

  1. First, click "More" in the top navigation bar and click on "Campaigns" in the menu that drops down. 
  2. On the page that opens, enter your email into the box provided for your business email address.
    Please note that, if you have a Gmail address (similar to [email protected]), you will not be able to use this feature and should stop here. Google is a shared domain, so you would not be able to move through the second part of the process, verifying your domain. 
  3. After you've entered your business email address, you'll be asked to add a TXT record to your DNS, your domain. 
  4. You can do this by going to your respective domain source (GSuite, GoDaddy, etc.). There, all you have to do is add a TXT record, paste the text in the "TXT" field (shown in the left box in the image below) into the TXT area of your domain, and past the "Value" (in the right box below) into the Value area of your domain. 

If you are unsure where to access the DNS settings of your domain, please contact your domain source directly, for more details. 

While we are happy to help where we can, we won't be able to give you as detailed a walk-through as they would. 🙂

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