The karmaCRM and eSpeakers integration is the latest and greatest in the professional speaking industry’s push to build great tools to help great people build great businesses. It allows for seamless coordination between the sales side of things (karmaSpeaker) and the event management side of things (eSpeakers). There are features on both sides of the equation, but here we will be focusing primarily on the everything you need to know about using the eSpeakers integration on the karmaSpeaker side. 

Set Up

In eSpeakers

  1. In eSpeakers, navigate to Account Settings
  2. Select “Connect”
  3. Select API
  4. Copy the API key

In karmaSpeaker

  1. Make sure you are on the Premium subscription plan
  2. Navigate to Settings
  3. Select Integrations (found beneath “System”)
  4. Click on Install for the eSpeakers integration
  5. Paste the copied API key into the respective text field
  6. Log into your account when prompted
  7. Voila!


To begin a sync between karmaSpeaker and eSpeakers on the karma side, you’ll need to start with a Gig

  1. Create Gig
  2. Select Create eSpeakers Event from the Gig’s page
  3. This will open up eSpeakers, and automatically link the two together
  4. You now can manage the event in either platform and all changes, notes, etc will be saved both ways. Any events that are “Grabbed” from karmaSpeaker from eSpeakers will show underneath a contact’s page in the Gigs widget.
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