Let’s face it - at this point CRM is almost essential for almost any business. Whether it’s the warm Mom and Pop shops, or the hustle and bustle of the corporate world, technology has given us a new level of organization to stay on top of. And let’s also not kid ourselves - there are a lot of them out there. Some with multi-billion dollar clients, some still operating out of Mom and Dad’s basement. Some focus on pipelines and sales alone while others… Well they don’t seem to know that sales are generally an important feature to include in a CRM.

So how can we be expected to sift through the sea of CRM’s? Do we read review sites until we fall asleep? Do we dive in headfirst and say “I just have to commit!”? We get it, it’s a pretty big decision and there isn’t a whole lot of content out there helping the typical CRM customer find the “Cinderella Shoe” for their business’ CRM needs. Our world is filled and fueled with competition and it becomes more and more clear that the consumer is responsible for choosing the right product for them because they know their business best. So we decided to skip the middleman - we asked business owners, sales managers, account managers, and salespeople what they thought was the most important bits of self-analysis to consider while shopping for the perfect CRM for your business. Here’s their advice:

    1. Keep your important data in one place - “Do I feel organized?"

        Many business owners shake their heads wondering how they have managed to scatter so much information across so many different platforms. Emails, calendars, marketing campaigns, customer service platforms, documents and contracts, and many more. Sometimes spreadsheets can only take you so far, and for those who feel like they can’t get a grip on the best way to manage their time may find that a CRM is the best option to get things back on track. 

    “CRM is great because it allows me to better use the information that I have for my contacts and companies. Before using a CRM I found myself constantly switching between tabs, losing semi-vital info, or just not caring and being sloppy with my work. Now I feel like I have control of my daily tasks and a place to keep everything together for when you need it most.”

- JD, 4th Dimension Marketing, Inc

    KarmaCRM focuses on making information easy to manage, organize, and utilize when it counts. Karma lets you keep your emails, contracts, notes, contact information and anything else that is relevant all in one place. And not only that, but helps organize all of this by tracking emails under their respective contact, and having an easy to navigate system for quick access.

    2. Improve Your Customer Relations - “Do my customers know I care?"

        Between calendar events, meetings, sales calls, contract draftings and all of the other daily duties that make a business profit, how can we be expected to remember Suzy B.’s birthday? You can’t. And that’s okay, we can’t expect ourselves to have to prioritize all of this information and still have time for the little stuff.

“Keeping customers happy is like being good at being married - the dating and falling in love is fun and exciting but with time the magic wears off if the things that got you there in the first place stop happening. I use CRM to help me keep my customers engaged and feeling like they are apart of our family…”

- Taylor, Third Eye Alliance LLC

        Karma has the best of both worlds - the ability to keep communication open and loyalty high, while also not being information overload. Using our task management system and template feature, you can keep the important things happening that keep your customers coming back again and again without worrying about it being a distraction or hindrance from bigger projects. 

    3. Improve Communication with Team - “Are we all on the same page?”

"Gone are the days of ‘Hey, have you contacted that lead yet?’, ‘I don’t know, have you?’. My team ran into these issues constantly - contacting leads multiple times, asking questions repeatedly, and letting prospects slip through the cracks. CRM allows us to keep everyone on the same page and customers happy but not smothered. Plus, now we work more efficiently as a team - even between departments!”

    - Lyndi, LoveLyndi Design

        It isn’t hard to see how easily small mistakes can turn into big problems if communication isn’t happening the way it should as a team. KarmaCRM allows users to keep miscommunication to a minimum. It also is a perfect gateway for management to keep tabs on their team's efforts and help solve problems real-time and with the context of the situation at the fingertips of everyone involved. For example, all members of your sales team will have the opportunity to view a contact and see all the past interactions and communications with that person. In addition, the information concerning customers is continuously updating automatically without you having to worry about it.

    4. Keep Yourself and Your Team Accountable - “Am I doing what I say I’m doing?"

        Oftentimes accountability gets talked about in a “you didn’t perform accordingly” type of fashion. There is typically a kind of stress associated with it and it seems that it is very often correlated with a team that can’t keep their priorities straight.    

“My team was a mess. Everyone was doing their own thing and I felt powerless to help them succeed or keep myself and my business from being taken advantage of. CRM has allowed me to keep better track of what my sales team is accomplishing and helps me patch any holes as they arise. There is something to be said for being able to visually look at the process and see where something gets hung up.”

- Brett, CrushXSupplements

       When there are no tools for the sales team to manage relationships with their customers, it's probable that occasionally customers experience a lack of attention. However, KarmaCRM helps teams ensure that this doesn’t happen and that there is higher accountability to the relationship management processes. Karma helps you understand your responsibilities, and when these responsibilities are not met, it makes it easy to understand where something went wrong, who is responsible for any mistakes and how to ensure that the same problem will not be repeated again.

    5. Cut the Chains - “Am I tethered to my office?"

        Here’s a timeless one - “where’s my pen?!”

“The amount of times I have reached for a notebook that isn’t there is ridiculous. I always have it when I don’t need it, and don’t have it when I do. Now I don’t have to worry about getting that random call or email when I’m out and about because I have the ability to draw on my information from anywhere, and add to it even when I may not be in the most convenient of situation.”

- Rylan, UpperEchelonGear Inc

        KarmaCRM goes where you go - on phones, tablets, and other portable devices. Having this solution at hand lets sales reps make some updates, take notes and record their communications and interactions with a customer when they are out of the office. There is no need to go back to record that information or write it down with a pen. Our CRM software creates more convenience, saves time and ensures that there is no information that is missed from the system. 

But don't take my word for it! Schedule a call with one of our team members today and see for yourself. 🙂

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