This article will cover the steps you should follow to complete the process of setting up karma to integrate with your Google Contacts. Karma makes it easy for you to integrate your Google contacts, including 2-way syncing.

Setting Up Google Contacts Integration

Click on Settings link available at the top navigation bar as below.

Click on Integrations link available in System section as below.

Click on Install next to Google Contacts.

Enter your Google credentials (NOTE: we do not store this information).

Click on the Accept button to allow access to your account. You’ll be redirected back to karma.

Once back in karma, select the groups from Google that you want to sync. You can select one group, specific groups, or all of them if you would like.

Set the sync type.

Set what you want to happen to contacts that are deleted in Google.

Click on the Save and Import from Google button. This can take some time depending on the number of contacts you have in Google.

After the integration is set up, you can add individual contacts to Google Contacts. Click on the contact name and the details page appears. Click on Actions drop-down arrow, and select Send to Google Contacts option, as below

The window appears to tell you which group to add the contact to.

Bulk Send Contacts to Google

Once your Google Contacts integration has been set up, you are able to bulk send your contacts to Google from a list in karma.

To bulk send contacts to Google, filter the list to show the contacts you wish to send to Google.

Place a checkmark in the checkboxes next to the contacts you wish to send to Google.

From the Bulk Update Menu, click on Sync to Google Contacts.

Note: The Bulk Update Menu shows different options in the list depending on the integrations that you have setup with your Karma account. For example, you can see 'Synch to Google Contacts' option only after you setup your karma account integration with Google Contacts. Please see Integrations for more details.

Click on the group you wish to sync your contacts to.

Click on the Perform Sync button. Your contacts will now be synced.

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