Karma makes it easy to automatically sync information between your karmaCRM and Google calendars. Click on Settings link available at the right side of top navigation bar as below.

The Settings page appears. Click on Integrations link available in System section as below.

The Integrations page appears. Click on Install button corresponding to the Google Calendar as below.

You need to login with your integrated Gmail account. If you are already logged in with Gmail account, the page appears as below.

Click on Accept button and you are redirected to karmaCRM account.

When you integrate a Google calendar, you have two options: you can either map it to an existing karma calendar, or create a new karma calendar. You can only map Google calendars to karma calendars that you own.

If you map the Google calendar to an existing karma calendar, the existing events in the karma calendar will be sent to Google, and vice versa.

You can disable or delete the integration at any time. The disable option cannot delete any existing information in either calendar, however it will stop the sync between them immediately. Click on Enable button to re-enable the connection.

When you delete the integration, it completely remove the association from karma. You need to recreate its integration from scratch if you want to bring it back. However, any calendars you create in karma will remain there. If you want to delete them, you need to do that manually.

Once you’ve set up Google integration, your Calendar page looks different. You can click on Settings button to make the Google calendar settings.

You can see the Google icon corresponding to the calendar that you have integrated with Gmail account.

If you create an event in karma on your Google-connected calendar, it should show up on the Google calendar within a few moments. The reverse process takes a little longer, however it can update at least once a day automatically, or any time you refresh the connection. Go to Settings section to refresh the connection manually for the integration. Click on Perform Refresh button as below.

You can also create, edit, and delete series of recurring events in one place and changes are reflected in the other. However. if you delete a particular instance of a recurring event in karma, that change is not reflected in Google, and vice versa. 

Note: Event name, time, location, and description carry over between Google and karma, but participants and reminders don’t, so you need to set them up separately.

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