This section enables you to plot contacts and companies addresses in a Map view. For example, you can select all contacts that live in Florida and plot the contact addresses in a single map. Likewise, you can plot all the companies with referral source Website, on a single map.

Go to Maps section, and this section can be available in the main or secondary navigation. Click on More drop-down list and select Maps option as below.

In the top right side of the page, click on New Map button, the window appears as below.

Write the title of new map. Click on Save button. The page appears as below.

In the header row of the map view, you can see the title of new map. In the right side bar, click on Add a Marker button as below.

Write the name of company or contact whose address you want to see in a map view. Click on Create button.

You can see that the company or contact name with their address is added at right side bar.

In the left side map area, the corresponding contacts and companies addresses are marked.

In the map area section, you can use zoom in and zoom out functions. You can also use pen tool to drag the map view.

If the address of contact or company is not available, you can see that the name of contact or company appears with the message of Missing Address.

Now, you can see the new map in the list of all available maps. You can also create a map from list of contacts and companies.

See List of Maps

You can see the list of maps that are generated for contacts and companies, as below.

For each map, you can see the name of map and the number of markers available in it. Markers are called companies or contacts added in the specific map. You can manage these maps. 

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