Any user can create a new email template, and it can be used by others on the account. To use email templates, the account does need to be on the Pro plan, and the email integration needs to be added to the account. 

Create Templates

To create the email template go to Settings > Email Templates. Click the New Email Template button. 

In the label field, give the template a name. This is for your use and the contact will never see this label. 

The Subject is the same as a subject line in an email.

You'll need to select if the email template will be used based on contact or company fields. These are not interchangeable. 

Next, you will be able to select the fields you need to be populated within the email. For example, if you want to start your email with Dear Shirley with Shirley being the first name of the contact, you'll need to click the checkbox for the First Name. Once you click a box, you'll see some coding entered into the Body box. You can move this around but make sure you include both brackets along with all of the coding in the middle. 

In the Body box, type out the email, adding fields as needed.

Once you are finished click Save.

Using the email template 

To use the email template, click on an email address, and in the template drop-down box, select the template you need. Click Send

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